CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties Class


Represents the properties of a certificate request.

public : sealed class CertificateRequestProperties
struct winrt::Windows::Security::Cryptography::Certificates::CertificateRequestProperties
public sealed class CertificateRequestProperties
Public NotInheritable Class CertificateRequestProperties
var certificateRequestProperties = new certificateRequestProperties();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 Extensions
1703 15063 SubjectAlternativeName
1703 15063 SuppressedDefaults


CertificateRequestProperties() CertificateRequestProperties() CertificateRequestProperties() CertificateRequestProperties() CertificateRequestProperties()

Creates and initializes a new instance of the CertificateRequestProperties.


AttestationCredentialCertificate AttestationCredentialCertificate AttestationCredentialCertificate AttestationCredentialCertificate AttestationCredentialCertificate

Gets or sets the CA exchange certificate that is used to encrypt a key attestation certificate request.

ContainerName ContainerName ContainerName ContainerName ContainerName

Gets or sets the container name.

ContainerNamePrefix ContainerNamePrefix ContainerNamePrefix ContainerNamePrefix ContainerNamePrefix

Gets or sets the prefix of the container name.

CurveName CurveName CurveName CurveName CurveName

Gets or sets the name of the elliptic curve.

CurveParameters CurveParameters CurveParameters CurveParameters CurveParameters

Gets or sets the parameters of the elliptic curve.

Exportable Exportable Exportable Exportable Exportable

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the private key created for the request can be exported.

Extensions Extensions Extensions Extensions Extensions

Gets a vector of certificate extensions.

FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName

Gets or sets the display name of the enrolled certificate.

HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName

Gets or sets the hash algorithm used when creating the certificate request signature.

KeyAlgorithmName KeyAlgorithmName KeyAlgorithmName KeyAlgorithmName KeyAlgorithmName

Gets or sets the public key algorithm.

KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel

Gets or sets the level of strong key protection.

KeySize KeySize KeySize KeySize KeySize

Gets or sets the size, in bits, of the private key to be generated.

KeyStorageProviderName KeyStorageProviderName KeyStorageProviderName KeyStorageProviderName KeyStorageProviderName

Gets or sets the name of the key storage provider (KSP) that will be used to generate the private key.

KeyUsages KeyUsages KeyUsages KeyUsages KeyUsages

Gets or sets the operation that can be performed by the private key created for this certificate request. The default value is Signing.

SigningCertificate SigningCertificate SigningCertificate SigningCertificate SigningCertificate

Gets or sets the certificate used to sign the certificate request.

SmartcardReaderName SmartcardReaderName SmartcardReaderName SmartcardReaderName SmartcardReaderName

Gets or sets the name of the smart card reader used to create the certificate request.

Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject

Gets or sets the subject name.

SubjectAlternativeName SubjectAlternativeName SubjectAlternativeName SubjectAlternativeName SubjectAlternativeName

Gets the subject alternative name.

SuppressedDefaults SuppressedDefaults SuppressedDefaults SuppressedDefaults SuppressedDefaults

Gets a vector of suppressed defaults.

UseExistingKey UseExistingKey UseExistingKey UseExistingKey UseExistingKey

Gets or sets whether to use the existing key.

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