Windows.​Services.​Cortana Windows.​Services.​Cortana Windows.​Services.​Cortana Namespace

Provides types and members for accessing and managing the information an app shares with the Cortana service.

For example, apps that require the user to enable a particular Cortana permission can display in-app consent UI and can then grant the appropriate permissions to Cortana on behalf of the user.


CortanaPermissionsManager CortanaPermissionsManager CortanaPermissionsManager

Provides access to the users Cortana authorization settings.

CortanaSettings CortanaSettings CortanaSettings

Provides access to Cortana settings.


CortanaPermission CortanaPermission CortanaPermission

Specifies the Cortana permissions available to a CortanaPermissionManager object.

CortanaPermissionsChangeResult CortanaPermissionsChangeResult CortanaPermissionsChangeResult

Specifies the possible results from setting permissions using the CortanaPermissionsManager.