StoreConsumableResult StoreConsumableResult StoreConsumableResult StoreConsumableResult StoreConsumableResult Class


Provides response data for a request that involves a consumable add-on for the current app.

public : sealed class StoreConsumableResult : IStoreConsumableResult
struct winrt::Windows::Services::Store::StoreConsumableResult : IStoreConsumableResult
public sealed class StoreConsumableResult : IStoreConsumableResult
Public NotInheritable Class StoreConsumableResult Implements IStoreConsumableResult
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (introduced v10.0.14393.0)
API contract
Windows.Services.Store.StoreContract (introduced v1)


The ReportConsumableFulfillmentAsync and GetConsumableBalanceRemainingAsync methods of the StoreContext class return an object of this type.


BalanceRemaining BalanceRemaining BalanceRemaining BalanceRemaining BalanceRemaining

Gets the remaining balance for the consumable add-on.

public : unsigned int BalanceRemaining { get; }
uint32_t BalanceRemaining();
public uint BalanceRemaining { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property BalanceRemaining As uint
var uint = storeConsumableResult.balanceRemaining;
uint uint uint

The remaining balance for the consumable add-on. For an unmanaged consumable where the developer keeps track of the balance rather than Microsoft, this property returns either 1 (the user has an entitlement for the add-on) or 0 (the user does not have an entitlement for the add-on).

ExtendedError ExtendedError ExtendedError ExtendedError ExtendedError

Gets the error code for the request, if the operation encountered an error.

public : HResult ExtendedError { get; }
HResult ExtendedError();
public Exception ExtendedError { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ExtendedError As Exception
var exception = storeConsumableResult.extendedError;
Exception Exception Exception

The error code for the request.

See Also

Status Status Status Status Status

Gets the status of the request.

public : StoreConsumableStatus Status { get; }
StoreConsumableStatus Status();
public StoreConsumableStatus Status { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Status As StoreConsumableStatus
var storeConsumableStatus = storeConsumableResult.status;

TrackingId TrackingId TrackingId TrackingId TrackingId

Gets the tracking ID that was submitted with the ReportConsumableFulfillmentAsync request.

public : Platform::Guid TrackingId { get; }
Guid TrackingId();
public Guid TrackingId { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property TrackingId As Guid
var guid = storeConsumableResult.trackingId;
Guid Guid Guid

The tracking ID that was submitted with the ReportConsumableFulfillmentAsync request.


For more information about the tracking ID, see ReportConsumableFulfillmentAsync.