ApplicationData.RoamingStorageQuota Property


Gets the maximum size of the data that can be synchronized to the cloud from the roaming app data store.

 property unsigned long long RoamingStorageQuota { unsigned long long get(); };
uint64_t RoamingStorageQuota();
public ulong RoamingStorageQuota { get; }
var uInt64 = applicationData.roamingStorageQuota;
Public ReadOnly Property RoamingStorageQuota As ULong

Property Value



The maximum size of the data, in KB.



Roaming data and settings is no longer supported as of Windows 11. The recommended replacement is Azure App Service. Azure App Service is widely supported, well documented, reliable, and supports cross-platform/cross-ecosystem scenarios such as iOS, Android and web. Settings stored here no longer roam (as of Windows 11), but the settings store is still available.

This documentation applies to Windows 10 versions 1909 and lower.

If the current size of the roaming data in the roaming app data store exceeds the maximum size specified by RoamingStorageQuota, the system suspends data replication for all apps in the package to the cloud until the current size no longer exceeds the maximum size.

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