Windows.Storage.FileProperties Windows.Storage.FileProperties Windows.Storage.FileProperties Windows.Storage.FileProperties Windows.Storage.FileProperties Namespace

Provides access to the properties of a file.


BasicProperties BasicProperties BasicProperties BasicProperties BasicProperties

Provides access to the basic properties, like the size of the item or the date the item was last modified, of the item (like a file or folder).

DocumentProperties DocumentProperties DocumentProperties DocumentProperties DocumentProperties

Provides access to the document-related properties of an item (like a file or folder).

GeotagHelper GeotagHelper GeotagHelper GeotagHelper GeotagHelper

Provides methods for setting and retrieving geographic metadata for a file.

ImageProperties ImageProperties ImageProperties ImageProperties ImageProperties

Provides access to the image-related properties of an item (like a file or folder).

MusicProperties MusicProperties MusicProperties MusicProperties MusicProperties

Provides access to the music-related properties of an item (like a file or folder).

StorageItemContentProperties StorageItemContentProperties StorageItemContentProperties StorageItemContentProperties StorageItemContentProperties

Provides access to the content-related properties of an item (like a file or folder).

StorageItemThumbnail StorageItemThumbnail StorageItemThumbnail StorageItemThumbnail StorageItemThumbnail

Represents the thumbnail image associated with a system resource (like a file or folder).

VideoProperties VideoProperties VideoProperties VideoProperties VideoProperties

Provides access to the video-related properties of an item (like a file or folder).


IStorageItemExtraProperties IStorageItemExtraProperties IStorageItemExtraProperties IStorageItemExtraProperties IStorageItemExtraProperties

Saves and retrieves the properties of a storage item.


PhotoOrientation PhotoOrientation PhotoOrientation PhotoOrientation PhotoOrientation

Indicates the Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) orientation flag of the photo. This flag describes how to rotate the photo to display it correctly.

PropertyPrefetchOptions PropertyPrefetchOptions PropertyPrefetchOptions PropertyPrefetchOptions PropertyPrefetchOptions

Indicates a system-defined group of file properties.

ThumbnailMode ThumbnailMode ThumbnailMode ThumbnailMode ThumbnailMode

Describes the purpose of the thumbnail to determine how to adjust the thumbnail image to retrieve.

ThumbnailOptions ThumbnailOptions ThumbnailOptions ThumbnailOptions ThumbnailOptions

Describes the behavior used to retrieve and adjust thumbnails, including the size and quality of the image and how quickly the thumbnail image is retrieved.

ThumbnailType ThumbnailType ThumbnailType ThumbnailType ThumbnailType

Indicates whether the thumbnail is an icon or an image.

VideoOrientation VideoOrientation VideoOrientation VideoOrientation VideoOrientation

Indicates how to rotate the video to display it correctly.

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