Windows.Storage.Pickers Windows.Storage.Pickers Windows.Storage.Pickers Windows.Storage.Pickers Windows.Storage.Pickers Namespace

Provides classes for creating and managing user interface (UI) elements that let the user browse files, choose files to open, and to choose the name, extension, and location when storing files.


FileExtensionVector FileExtensionVector FileExtensionVector FileExtensionVector FileExtensionVector

Represents a random-access collection of file name extensions.

FileOpenPicker FileOpenPicker FileOpenPicker FileOpenPicker FileOpenPicker

Represents a UI element that lets the user choose and open files.

FilePickerFileTypesOrderedMap FilePickerFileTypesOrderedMap FilePickerFileTypesOrderedMap FilePickerFileTypesOrderedMap FilePickerFileTypesOrderedMap

Represents a collection of display names mapped to the associated file types (extensions). Each element in this collection maps a display name to a corresponding collection of file name extensions. The key is a single string, the value is a list/vector of strings representing one or more extension choices.

FilePickerSelectedFilesArray FilePickerSelectedFilesArray FilePickerSelectedFilesArray FilePickerSelectedFilesArray FilePickerSelectedFilesArray

Represents a collection of storage files that the user has selected by using a file picker.

FileSavePicker FileSavePicker FileSavePicker FileSavePicker FileSavePicker

Represents a file picker that lets the user choose the file name, extension, and storage location for a file.

FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker

Represents a UI element that lets the user choose folders.


PickerLocationId PickerLocationId PickerLocationId PickerLocationId PickerLocationId

Identifies the storage location that the file picker presents to the user.

PickerViewMode PickerViewMode PickerViewMode PickerViewMode PickerViewMode

Indicates the view mode that the file picker is using to present items.

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