Windows.Storage.Streams Windows.Storage.Streams Windows.Storage.Streams Windows.Storage.Streams Windows.Storage.Streams Namespace

Provides support for reading to and writing from sequential and random access streams.


Buffer Buffer Buffer Buffer Buffer

Provides a default implementation of the IBuffer interface and its related interfaces.

DataReader DataReader DataReader DataReader DataReader

Reads data from an input stream.

DataReaderLoadOperation DataReaderLoadOperation DataReaderLoadOperation DataReaderLoadOperation DataReaderLoadOperation

Loads data from an input stream.

DataWriter DataWriter DataWriter DataWriter DataWriter

Writes data to an output stream.

DataWriterStoreOperation DataWriterStoreOperation DataWriterStoreOperation DataWriterStoreOperation DataWriterStoreOperation

Commits data in a buffer to a backing store.

FileInputStream FileInputStream FileInputStream FileInputStream FileInputStream

Reads data from a file.

FileOutputStream FileOutputStream FileOutputStream FileOutputStream FileOutputStream

Writes data to a file.

FileRandomAccessStream FileRandomAccessStream FileRandomAccessStream FileRandomAccessStream FileRandomAccessStream

Supports reading and writing to a file at a specified position.

InMemoryRandomAccessStream InMemoryRandomAccessStream InMemoryRandomAccessStream InMemoryRandomAccessStream InMemoryRandomAccessStream

Provides random access of data in input and output streams that are stored in memory instead of on disk.

InputStreamOverStream InputStreamOverStream InputStreamOverStream InputStreamOverStream InputStreamOverStream

Provides a Windows Runtime input stream for an IStream base implementation.

OutputStreamOverStream OutputStreamOverStream OutputStreamOverStream OutputStreamOverStream OutputStreamOverStream

Provides a Windows Runtime output stream for an IStream base implementation.

RandomAccessStream RandomAccessStream RandomAccessStream RandomAccessStream RandomAccessStream

Provides random access of data in input and output streams.

RandomAccessStreamOverStream RandomAccessStreamOverStream RandomAccessStreamOverStream RandomAccessStreamOverStream RandomAccessStreamOverStream

Provides a Windows Runtime random access stream for an IStream base implementation.

RandomAccessStreamReference RandomAccessStreamReference RandomAccessStreamReference RandomAccessStreamReference RandomAccessStreamReference

Provides random access of data in input and output streams for a file.


IBuffer IBuffer IBuffer IBuffer IBuffer

Represents a referenced array of bytes used by byte stream read and write interfaces. Buffer is the class implementation of this interface.

IContentTypeProvider IContentTypeProvider IContentTypeProvider IContentTypeProvider IContentTypeProvider

Characterizes the format of the data.

IDataReader IDataReader IDataReader IDataReader IDataReader

Provides read access to an input stream.

IDataWriter IDataWriter IDataWriter IDataWriter IDataWriter

Provides write access to an output stream.

IInputStream IInputStream IInputStream IInputStream IInputStream

Represents a sequential stream of bytes to be read.

IInputStreamReference IInputStreamReference IInputStreamReference IInputStreamReference IInputStreamReference

Enables a Windows Runtime component to provide sequential read access to an encapsulated stream.

IOutputStream IOutputStream IOutputStream IOutputStream IOutputStream

Represents a sequential stream of bytes to be written.

IRandomAccessStream IRandomAccessStream IRandomAccessStream IRandomAccessStream IRandomAccessStream

Supports random access of data in input and output streams.

IRandomAccessStreamReference IRandomAccessStreamReference IRandomAccessStreamReference IRandomAccessStreamReference IRandomAccessStreamReference

Enables a Windows Runtime component to provide access to an encapsulated stream.

IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType

Supports random access of data in input and output streams for a specified data format.


ByteOrder ByteOrder ByteOrder ByteOrder ByteOrder

Specifies the byte order of a stream.

FileOpenDisposition FileOpenDisposition FileOpenDisposition FileOpenDisposition FileOpenDisposition

Enumeration values for actions to take on a file.

InputStreamOptions InputStreamOptions InputStreamOptions InputStreamOptions InputStreamOptions

Specifies the read options for an input stream.

UnicodeEncoding UnicodeEncoding UnicodeEncoding UnicodeEncoding UnicodeEncoding

Specifies the type of character encoding for a stream.


A stream is an abstraction of a sequence of bytes, such as a file, I/O device, or a socket. You can perform asynchronous read, write, and seek operations on a stream.

Calling the method on a stream flushes any buffered data and releases system resources such as file handles, sockets, and memory.

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