SysHolographicDeploymentState SysHolographicDeploymentState SysHolographicDeploymentState SysHolographicDeploymentState SysHolographicDeploymentState Enum


Indicates the deployment state of a holographic shell deployment operation.


This API is available only to components of the Windows operating system. Calls to these APIs will fail at runtime for all other processes. These APIs may be modified or removed in future Windows releases.

public : enum class SysHolographicDeploymentState
enum class winrt::Windows::System::Implementation::Holographic::SysHolographicDeploymentState : int32_t
public enum SysHolographicDeploymentState
Public Enum SysHolographicDeploymentState
var value = Windows.System.Implementation.Holographic.SysHolographicDeploymentState.appUpdatesRequired;

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Holographic System Implementation Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.17763.0) Windows Holographic System Implementation Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.17763.0)
API contract
Windows.System.Implementation.Holographic.HoloSysImplementationContract (introduced v1)


AppUpdatesRequired AppUpdatesRequired AppUpdatesRequired AppUpdatesRequired AppUpdatesRequired 2

App updates are required.

FodUpdatesRequired FodUpdatesRequired FodUpdatesRequired FodUpdatesRequired FodUpdatesRequired 3

Feature on Demand package updates are required.

Installed Installed Installed Installed Installed 1

The holographic shell is installed.

NotInstalled NotInstalled NotInstalled NotInstalled NotInstalled 0

The holographic shell is not installed.

RebootRequired RebootRequired RebootRequired RebootRequired RebootRequired 4

A reboot is required.