MemoryManager MemoryManager MemoryManager MemoryManager MemoryManager Class


Provides access to information on an app's memory usage.

public : static class MemoryManager
static struct winrt::Windows::System::MemoryManager
public static class MemoryManager
Public Shared Class MemoryManager
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1511 10586 TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit
1709 16299 ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit


AppMemoryUsage AppMemoryUsage AppMemoryUsage AppMemoryUsage AppMemoryUsage

Gets the app's current memory usage.

AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel

Gets the app's memory usage level.

AppMemoryUsageLimit AppMemoryUsageLimit AppMemoryUsageLimit AppMemoryUsageLimit AppMemoryUsageLimit

Gets the app's memory usage limit.

ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit ExpectedAppMemoryUsageLimit

Gets the amount of memory that your app may expect to have available.


GetAppMemoryReport() GetAppMemoryReport() GetAppMemoryReport() GetAppMemoryReport() GetAppMemoryReport()

Gets an AppMemoryReport for the app, which provides information about its memory usage.

GetProcessMemoryReport() GetProcessMemoryReport() GetProcessMemoryReport() GetProcessMemoryReport() GetProcessMemoryReport()

Gets a ProcessMemoryReport for a process, which provides information about its memory usage.

TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit(UInt64) TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit(UInt64) TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit(UInt64) TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit(UInt64) TrySetAppMemoryUsageLimit(UInt64)

Tries to set a specific memory cap for the current app or task. In cases where memory caps are shared between foreground and background components, any difference between the default cap and the new request will be assigned to the other component.


AppMemoryUsageDecreased AppMemoryUsageDecreased AppMemoryUsageDecreased AppMemoryUsageDecreased AppMemoryUsageDecreased

Raised when the app's memory consumption has decreased to a lower value in the AppMemoryUsageLevel enumeration.

AppMemoryUsageIncreased AppMemoryUsageIncreased AppMemoryUsageIncreased AppMemoryUsageIncreased AppMemoryUsageIncreased

Raised when the app's memory consumption has increased to a higher value in the AppMemoryUsageLevel enumeration.

AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging

Raised just before the limit of how much total memory the app can use is changed.