Windows.System.Profile Windows.System.Profile Windows.System.Profile Windows.System.Profile Namespace

Enables apps to get information about the system.


AnalyticsInfo AnalyticsInfo AnalyticsInfo AnalyticsInfo

Provides information about the device for profiling purposes.

AnalyticsVersionInfo AnalyticsVersionInfo AnalyticsVersionInfo AnalyticsVersionInfo

Provides version information about the device family.

EducationSettings EducationSettings EducationSettings EducationSettings

Indicates if an app is running in an education environment.

HardwareIdentification HardwareIdentification HardwareIdentification HardwareIdentification

Provides the ability to obtain a hardware identifier that represents the current hardware.

HardwareToken HardwareToken HardwareToken HardwareToken

Represents a token that contains a hardware based identification that is sufficiently unique.

KnownRetailInfoProperties KnownRetailInfoProperties KnownRetailInfoProperties KnownRetailInfoProperties

Identifies the string keys that might exist within the RetailInfo.Properties map of retail-demo relevant property values.

PlatformDiagnosticsAndUsageDataSettings PlatformDiagnosticsAndUsageDataSettings PlatformDiagnosticsAndUsageDataSettings PlatformDiagnosticsAndUsageDataSettings

Provides access to settings for collecting diagnostic data and an event to subscribe to changes to the platform diagnostics and usage data collection level settings.

RetailInfo RetailInfo RetailInfo RetailInfo

A utility class that supports one method, IsDemoModeEnabled, and one property, Properties. Call IsDemoModeEnabled to determine whether the device where the app is running has specifically enabled its retail demo mode.

SharedModeSettings SharedModeSettings SharedModeSettings SharedModeSettings

Provides access to the settings for shared mode. For example, devices with large screens could support communal shared apps.

SystemIdentification SystemIdentification SystemIdentification SystemIdentification

Provides information to uniquely identify the system on which the app is running.

SystemIdentificationInfo SystemIdentificationInfo SystemIdentificationInfo SystemIdentificationInfo

Represents a unique system identifier based on either the app publisher ID or a user ID.


PlatformDataCollectionLevel PlatformDataCollectionLevel PlatformDataCollectionLevel PlatformDataCollectionLevel

Specifies the diagnostics data collection level.

SystemIdentificationSource SystemIdentificationSource SystemIdentificationSource SystemIdentificationSource

Indicates the module used to generate a unique system identifier.