RemoteSystem RemoteSystem RemoteSystem RemoteSystem RemoteSystem Class


This class manages the attributes of a discovered remote system (device) and provides the capabilities to discover remote systems as part of Project Rome.

public : sealed class RemoteSystem
struct winrt::Windows::System::RemoteSystems::RemoteSystem
public sealed class RemoteSystem
Public NotInheritable Class RemoteSystem
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (introduced v10.0.14393.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v3)


This class is instantiated whenever a remote system (device) is discovered, is updated, or disappears (the instance is referenced as a property of the RemoteSystemAddedEventArgs, RemoteSystemUpdatedEventArgs, or RemoteSystemRemovedEventArgs class).

The properties of the RemoteSystem class are used to determine the operations that can be done on a given remote system.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 GetCapabilitySupportedAsync
1703 15063 IsAuthorizationKindEnabled
1703 15063 IsAvailableBySpatialProximity
1709 16299 ManufacturerDisplayName
1709 16299 ModelDisplayName
1803 17134 Platform
1809 17763 Apps
1903 18362 CreateWatcherForUser(User)
1903 18362 CreateWatcherForUser(User,IEnumerable)
1903 18362 User


Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps

A list of the applications on this remote system that have registered with the Connected Devices Platform.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the machine name of the given remote system.

Id Id Id Id Id

Gets the unique string identifier for the given remote system.

IsAvailableByProximity IsAvailableByProximity IsAvailableByProximity IsAvailableByProximity IsAvailableByProximity

Checks whether the given remote system is available through proximal connection (such as a Bluetooth or local network connection) as opposed to cloud connection.

IsAvailableBySpatialProximity IsAvailableBySpatialProximity IsAvailableBySpatialProximity IsAvailableBySpatialProximity IsAvailableBySpatialProximity

Checks whether the given remote system is available through spatially proximal connection.

Kind Kind Kind Kind Kind

Gets a String representation of the device type of the given remote system (desktop, Xbox, ...).

ManufacturerDisplayName ManufacturerDisplayName ManufacturerDisplayName ManufacturerDisplayName ManufacturerDisplayName

Gets the manufacturer name of the given remote system.

ModelDisplayName ModelDisplayName ModelDisplayName ModelDisplayName ModelDisplayName

Gets the model name of the given remote system.

Platform Platform Platform Platform Platform

Gets a value describing the OS platform that this remote system is running.

Status Status Status Status Status

Gets the status of this remote system's availability.


CreateWatcher() CreateWatcher() CreateWatcher() CreateWatcher() CreateWatcher()

Returns a RemoteSystemWatcher object with no filters.

CreateWatcher(IIterable<IRemoteSystemFilter>) CreateWatcher(IIterable<IRemoteSystemFilter>) CreateWatcher(IIterable<IRemoteSystemFilter>) CreateWatcher(IIterable<IRemoteSystemFilter>) CreateWatcher(IIterable<IRemoteSystemFilter>)

Returns a RemoteSystemWatcher object that filters the remote systems it can see. The filters parameter determines which remote systems will be seen.

FindByHostNameAsync(HostName) FindByHostNameAsync(HostName) FindByHostNameAsync(HostName) FindByHostNameAsync(HostName) FindByHostNameAsync(HostName)

Attempts to discover a single remote system specified by the HostName parameter.

GetCapabilitySupportedAsync(String) GetCapabilitySupportedAsync(String) GetCapabilitySupportedAsync(String) GetCapabilitySupportedAsync(String) GetCapabilitySupportedAsync(String)

Reports whether the RemoteSystem is capable of the given Remote System feature.

IsAuthorizationKindEnabled(RemoteSystemAuthorizationKind) IsAuthorizationKindEnabled(RemoteSystemAuthorizationKind) IsAuthorizationKindEnabled(RemoteSystemAuthorizationKind) IsAuthorizationKindEnabled(RemoteSystemAuthorizationKind) IsAuthorizationKindEnabled(RemoteSystemAuthorizationKind)

Checks whether the client device is authorized to discover other users' devices or just same-user devices.

RequestAccessAsync() RequestAccessAsync() RequestAccessAsync() RequestAccessAsync() RequestAccessAsync()

Gets the status of the calling app's access to the Remote Systems feature. This method should always be called before an app attempts to discover or otherwise interact with remote systems.

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