CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode Enum


Specifies the algorithm used for interpolating pixels from ICompositionSurface when they do not form a one-to-one mapping to pixels on screen.

public : enum class CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Composition::CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode : int32_t
public enum CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode
Public Enum CompositionBitmapInterpolationMode

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10586.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v2)


Linear Linear Linear Linear 1

Interpolate a color from the four bitmap pixels that are the nearest to the current rendering pixel.

MagLinearMinLinearMipLinear MagLinearMinLinearMipLinear MagLinearMinLinearMipLinear MagLinearMinLinearMipLinear 2
MagLinearMinLinearMipNearest MagLinearMinLinearMipNearest MagLinearMinLinearMipNearest MagLinearMinLinearMipNearest 3
MagLinearMinNearestMipLinear MagLinearMinNearestMipLinear MagLinearMinNearestMipLinear MagLinearMinNearestMipLinear 4
MagLinearMinNearestMipNearest MagLinearMinNearestMipNearest MagLinearMinNearestMipNearest MagLinearMinNearestMipNearest 5
MagNearestMinLinearMipLinear MagNearestMinLinearMipLinear MagNearestMinLinearMipLinear MagNearestMinLinearMipLinear 6
MagNearestMinLinearMipNearest MagNearestMinLinearMipNearest MagNearestMinLinearMipNearest MagNearestMinLinearMipNearest 7
MagNearestMinNearestMipLinear MagNearestMinNearestMipLinear MagNearestMinNearestMipLinear MagNearestMinNearestMipLinear 8
MagNearestMinNearestMipNearest MagNearestMinNearestMipNearest MagNearestMinNearestMipNearest MagNearestMinNearestMipNearest 9
NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor 0

Use the exact color of the nearest bitmap pixel to the current rendering pixel.


Interpolating pixels is necessary when the pixels of an ICompositionSurface do not form a one-to-one mapping to the pixels of a SpriteVisual; this can happen under scale, stretch, rotation, skew, or other transformations (such as perspective projection, etc.).

When the bitmap contents of an ICompositionSurface are mapped to a SpriteVisual whose size is larger than that of the bitmap, each pixel from the surface must be mapped to a group of pixels on screen.

Conversely, when the bitmap contents of an ICompositionSurface are mapped to a SpriteVisual whose size is smaller than that of the bitmap, multiple pixels from the surface must be mapped to single pixels on screen.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1903 18362 MagLinearMinLinearMipLinear
1903 18362 MagLinearMinLinearMipNearest
1903 18362 MagLinearMinNearestMipLinear
1903 18362 MagLinearMinNearestMipNearest
1903 18362 MagNearestMinLinearMipLinear
1903 18362 MagNearestMinLinearMipNearest
1903 18362 MagNearestMinNearestMipLinear
1903 18362 MagNearestMinNearestMipNearest