Windows.UI.Core Windows.UI.Core Windows.UI.Core Windows.UI.Core Windows.UI.Core Namespace

Provides the basic user interface window components, including core input events and event dispatch.


AcceleratorKeyEventArgs AcceleratorKeyEventArgs AcceleratorKeyEventArgs AcceleratorKeyEventArgs AcceleratorKeyEventArgs

Provides the arguments returned by an accelerator key event callback.

AutomationProviderRequestedEventArgs AutomationProviderRequestedEventArgs AutomationProviderRequestedEventArgs AutomationProviderRequestedEventArgs AutomationProviderRequestedEventArgs

Provides the arguments returned by an automation provider request event callback.

BackRequestedEventArgs BackRequestedEventArgs BackRequestedEventArgs BackRequestedEventArgs BackRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the SystemNavigationManager.BackRequested event.

CharacterReceivedEventArgs CharacterReceivedEventArgs CharacterReceivedEventArgs CharacterReceivedEventArgs CharacterReceivedEventArgs

Provides the arguments returned by the event raised when a character is received by the input queue.

ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequestedEventArgs ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequestedEventArgs ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequestedEventArgs ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequestedEventArgs ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequested event. Not intended for general use. See CoreComponentInputSource.ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequested and CoreWindow.ClosestInteractiveBoundsRequested.

CoreAcceleratorKeys CoreAcceleratorKeys CoreAcceleratorKeys CoreAcceleratorKeys CoreAcceleratorKeys

Provides the basic behavior for an accelerator key.

CoreComponentInputSource CoreComponentInputSource CoreComponentInputSource CoreComponentInputSource CoreComponentInputSource

Provides a mechanism to receive input for a XAML framework element hosted in another framework, such as a DirectX interop framework.

CoreCursor CoreCursor CoreCursor CoreCursor CoreCursor

Defines a cursor (visual pointer) object.

CoreDispatcher CoreDispatcher CoreDispatcher CoreDispatcher CoreDispatcher

Provides the Windows Runtime core event message dispatcher. Instances of this type are responsible for processing the window messages and dispatching the events to the client.

CoreIndependentInputSource CoreIndependentInputSource CoreIndependentInputSource CoreIndependentInputSource CoreIndependentInputSource

Surfaces core input API for interoperation scenarios.

CoreWindow CoreWindow CoreWindow CoreWindow CoreWindow

Represents the UWP app with input events and basic user interface behaviors.

CoreWindowDialog CoreWindowDialog CoreWindowDialog CoreWindowDialog CoreWindowDialog

Defines a child dialog of an app window.

CoreWindowEventArgs CoreWindowEventArgs CoreWindowEventArgs CoreWindowEventArgs CoreWindowEventArgs

Contains the set of arguments returned to an app after a window input or behavior event.

CoreWindowFlyout CoreWindowFlyout CoreWindowFlyout CoreWindowFlyout CoreWindowFlyout

Defines a child flyout of an app window.

CoreWindowPopupShowingEventArgs CoreWindowPopupShowingEventArgs CoreWindowPopupShowingEventArgs CoreWindowPopupShowingEventArgs CoreWindowPopupShowingEventArgs

Defines a method for setting the desired size of a popup window.

CoreWindowResizeManager CoreWindowResizeManager CoreWindowResizeManager CoreWindowResizeManager CoreWindowResizeManager

Defines a type used to manage CoreWindow.SizeChanged events. This type is used by frameworks (such as XAML) or apps that implement their own IFrameWorkView to synchronize the handover between shell drawn placholder (such as a splash screen) and the apps first drawn frame, so that there is no gap in the transition from one to the other. If your app does not implement the IFrameWorkView itself you should not participate in this synchronization as the framwork will do it for you.

IdleDispatchedHandlerArgs IdleDispatchedHandlerArgs IdleDispatchedHandlerArgs IdleDispatchedHandlerArgs IdleDispatchedHandlerArgs

Defines the arguments returned by a IdleDispatchedHandler callback.

InputEnabledEventArgs InputEnabledEventArgs InputEnabledEventArgs InputEnabledEventArgs InputEnabledEventArgs

Contains the window input state returned by the CoreWindow.InputEnabled event.

KeyEventArgs KeyEventArgs KeyEventArgs KeyEventArgs KeyEventArgs

Contains the arguments returned by a virtual key event.

PointerEventArgs PointerEventArgs PointerEventArgs PointerEventArgs PointerEventArgs

Contains the arguments returned by the last pointer event.

SystemNavigationManager SystemNavigationManager SystemNavigationManager SystemNavigationManager SystemNavigationManager

Provides a way for an app to respond to system provided back-navigation events.

TouchHitTestingEventArgs TouchHitTestingEventArgs TouchHitTestingEventArgs TouchHitTestingEventArgs TouchHitTestingEventArgs

Contains the arguments returned by the TouchHitTesting event.

VisibilityChangedEventArgs VisibilityChangedEventArgs VisibilityChangedEventArgs VisibilityChangedEventArgs VisibilityChangedEventArgs

Contains the arguments returned by the event fired when a CoreWindow instance's visibility changes.

WindowActivatedEventArgs WindowActivatedEventArgs WindowActivatedEventArgs WindowActivatedEventArgs WindowActivatedEventArgs

Contains the windows activation state information returned by the CoreWindow.Activated event.

WindowSizeChangedEventArgs WindowSizeChangedEventArgs WindowSizeChangedEventArgs WindowSizeChangedEventArgs WindowSizeChangedEventArgs

Contains the argument returned by a window size change event.


CorePhysicalKeyStatus CorePhysicalKeyStatus CorePhysicalKeyStatus CorePhysicalKeyStatus CorePhysicalKeyStatus

Specifies the set of physical key status items that can be obtained.

CoreProximityEvaluation CoreProximityEvaluation CoreProximityEvaluation CoreProximityEvaluation CoreProximityEvaluation

Contains the rank of an object as the probable target of the touch contact area.


ICoreAcceleratorKeys ICoreAcceleratorKeys ICoreAcceleratorKeys ICoreAcceleratorKeys ICoreAcceleratorKeys

Provides an interface that defines the basic behavior for an accelerator key.

ICoreInputSourceBase ICoreInputSourceBase ICoreInputSourceBase ICoreInputSourceBase ICoreInputSourceBase

Defines the base interface for an input source used by a CoreWindow.

ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource

Defines the behavior of pointer input (for processing on a worker thread).

ICorePointerInputSource2 ICorePointerInputSource2 ICorePointerInputSource2 ICorePointerInputSource2 ICorePointerInputSource2

Defines the behavior of pointer input (for processing on a worker thread).

ICorePointerRedirector ICorePointerRedirector ICorePointerRedirector ICorePointerRedirector ICorePointerRedirector

Defines pointer events for cross-process input handling.

An implementation of the ICorePointerRedirector interface is provided by the CoreWindow class.

Input chaining refers to the interaction behavior of both a parent object (host) and a nested child object (component) when an input boundary is reached.

In a single process, chaining embedded (or nested) content is managed by the system (through Direct Manipulation).

For cross-process chaining, the pointer events defined in this interface provide input routing details.

ICoreWindow ICoreWindow ICoreWindow ICoreWindow ICoreWindow

Specifies an interface for a window object and its input events as well as basic user interface behaviors.

ICoreWindowEventArgs ICoreWindowEventArgs ICoreWindowEventArgs ICoreWindowEventArgs ICoreWindowEventArgs

Defines the set of arguments returned to an app after a window input or behavior event.

IInitializeWithCoreWindow IInitializeWithCoreWindow IInitializeWithCoreWindow IInitializeWithCoreWindow IInitializeWithCoreWindow

Defines the initialization behavior for apps that use CoreWindow.


AppViewBackButtonVisibility AppViewBackButtonVisibility AppViewBackButtonVisibility AppViewBackButtonVisibility AppViewBackButtonVisibility

Defines constants that specify whether the back button is shown in the system UI.

CoreAcceleratorKeyEventType CoreAcceleratorKeyEventType CoreAcceleratorKeyEventType CoreAcceleratorKeyEventType CoreAcceleratorKeyEventType

Specifies the set of possible accelerator key events that can invoke a callback.

CoreCursorType CoreCursorType CoreCursorType CoreCursorType CoreCursorType

Specifies the set of cursor types.

CoreDispatcherPriority CoreDispatcherPriority CoreDispatcherPriority CoreDispatcherPriority CoreDispatcherPriority

Defines the priority for window event dispatches.

CoreInputDeviceTypes CoreInputDeviceTypes CoreInputDeviceTypes CoreInputDeviceTypes CoreInputDeviceTypes

Specifies user input modalities. These values can be combined.

CoreProcessEventsOption CoreProcessEventsOption CoreProcessEventsOption CoreProcessEventsOption CoreProcessEventsOption

Specifies the set of exclusive event-processing options passed to ProcessEvents.

CoreProximityEvaluationScore CoreProximityEvaluationScore CoreProximityEvaluationScore CoreProximityEvaluationScore CoreProximityEvaluationScore

Specifies the rank of an object as the probable target, relative to other objects that intersect the touch contact area.

CoreVirtualKeyStates CoreVirtualKeyStates CoreVirtualKeyStates CoreVirtualKeyStates CoreVirtualKeyStates

Specifies flags for indicating the possible states of a virtual key.

CoreWindowActivationMode CoreWindowActivationMode CoreWindowActivationMode CoreWindowActivationMode CoreWindowActivationMode

Defines constants that specify the activation state of a window.

CoreWindowActivationState CoreWindowActivationState CoreWindowActivationState CoreWindowActivationState CoreWindowActivationState

Specifies the set of reasons that a CoreWindow 's Activated event was raised.

CoreWindowFlowDirection CoreWindowFlowDirection CoreWindowFlowDirection CoreWindowFlowDirection CoreWindowFlowDirection

Specifies the flow order for text in a window.


DispatchedHandler DispatchedHandler DispatchedHandler DispatchedHandler DispatchedHandler

Represents the method that handles CoreWindow dispatch events.

IdleDispatchedHandler IdleDispatchedHandler IdleDispatchedHandler IdleDispatchedHandler IdleDispatchedHandler

Represents the method that handles CoreWindow idle priority dispatch events. It is invoked when CoreDispatcher.RunIdleAsync is called.

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