InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes Property


Gets or sets the input device type from which input data is collected by the InkPresenter to construct and render an InkStroke. The default is Pen.

public : CoreInputDeviceTypes InputDeviceTypes { get; set; }
CoreInputDeviceTypes InputDeviceTypes();

void InputDeviceTypes(CoreInputDeviceTypes inputdevicetypes);
public CoreInputDeviceTypes InputDeviceTypes { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property InputDeviceTypes As CoreInputDeviceTypes
Property Value

The input device types.


Here we specify that data from all supported input devices (CoreInputDeviceTypes ) be collected by the InkPresenter and processed as ink input.

inkCanvas.InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes = 
  Windows.UI.Core.CoreInputDeviceTypes.Mouse | 
  Windows.UI.Core.CoreInputDeviceTypes.Pen | 


If you set this property to None, you should remove listeners for all pointer events, including PointerEntered, PointerHovered, and PointerExited. In this case, pointer events are passed to the InkCanvas object and not to the InkPresenter object through InkPresenter.UnprocessedInput.

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