ToastNotifier.Setting Property


Gets a value that tells you whether there is an app, user, or system block that prevents the display of a toast notification.

 property NotificationSetting Setting { NotificationSetting get(); };
NotificationSetting Setting();
public NotificationSetting Setting { get; }
var notificationSetting = toastNotifier.setting;
Public ReadOnly Property Setting As NotificationSetting

Property Value


Enabled if the toast can be shown; otherwise, one or more reasons that the toast will be blocked.


When toast notifications have been disabled at more than one level, this property value reflects the setting with the largest scope. Precedence is as follows, from largest scope to smallest:

  1. DisabledByManifest
  2. DisabledByGroupPolicy
  3. DisabledForUser
  4. DisabledForApplication If toast notifications have been disabled both by the user and by group policy, this property returns DisabledByGroupPolicy.

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