Windows.UI.Text Windows.UI.Text Windows.UI.Text Windows.UI.Text Windows.UI.Text Namespace

Provides support for working with textual content.


ContentLinkInfo ContentLinkInfo ContentLinkInfo ContentLinkInfo ContentLinkInfo

Represents information about a ContentLink.

FontWeights FontWeights FontWeights FontWeights FontWeights

Provides a set of predefined font weights as static property values.

RichEditTextDocument RichEditTextDocument RichEditTextDocument RichEditTextDocument RichEditTextDocument

Represents a rich text document that can be loaded, saved, and edited.

RichEditTextRange RichEditTextRange RichEditTextRange RichEditTextRange RichEditTextRange

Represents a span of continuous text in a RichEditTextDocument, and provides editing and data-binding properties and methods that allow an app to select, examine, and change document content.

TextConstants TextConstants TextConstants TextConstants TextConstants

Defines a set of constants that are used with various methods in the Windows.UI.Text namespace.


FontWeight FontWeight FontWeight FontWeight FontWeight

Expresses the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.


ITextCharacterFormat ITextCharacterFormat ITextCharacterFormat ITextCharacterFormat ITextCharacterFormat

Defines the default character formatting attributes of a document, or the current character formatting attributes of a text range.

ITextDocument ITextDocument ITextDocument ITextDocument ITextDocument

Provides access to the content of a document, providing a way to load and save the document to a stream, retrieve text ranges, get the active selection, set default formatting attributes, and so on.

ITextParagraphFormat ITextParagraphFormat ITextParagraphFormat ITextParagraphFormat ITextParagraphFormat

Defines the default paragraph formatting attributes of a document, or the current paragraph formatting attributes of a text range.

ITextRange ITextRange ITextRange ITextRange ITextRange

Represents a span of continuous text in a document, and provides powerful editing and data-binding properties and methods that allow an app to select, examine, and change document text.

ITextSelection ITextSelection ITextSelection ITextSelection ITextSelection

Represents the currently selected text of a document.


CaretType CaretType CaretType CaretType CaretType

Specifies the caret type.

FindOptions FindOptions FindOptions FindOptions FindOptions

Specifies the options to use when doing a text search.

FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch

Describes the degree to which a font has been stretched, compared to the normal aspect ratio of that font.

FontStyle FontStyle FontStyle FontStyle FontStyle

Represents the style of a font face (for example, normal or italic).

FormatEffect FormatEffect FormatEffect FormatEffect FormatEffect

Defines values that indicate the state of a character or paragraph formatting property.

HorizontalCharacterAlignment HorizontalCharacterAlignment HorizontalCharacterAlignment HorizontalCharacterAlignment HorizontalCharacterAlignment

Specifies the horizontal position of a character relative to a bounding rectangle.

LetterCase LetterCase LetterCase LetterCase LetterCase

Represents the character case formatting.

LineSpacingRule LineSpacingRule LineSpacingRule LineSpacingRule LineSpacingRule

Specifies options for line-spacing rules.

LinkType LinkType LinkType LinkType LinkType

Indicates the link type of a range of text.

MarkerAlignment MarkerAlignment MarkerAlignment MarkerAlignment MarkerAlignment

Defines bullet and numbering alignment.

MarkerStyle MarkerStyle MarkerStyle MarkerStyle MarkerStyle

Specifies the style used to mark the item paragraphs in a list.

MarkerType MarkerType MarkerType MarkerType MarkerType

Specifies the kind of characters used to mark the item paragraphs in a list.

ParagraphAlignment ParagraphAlignment ParagraphAlignment ParagraphAlignment ParagraphAlignment

Specifies values for aligning paragraphs.

ParagraphStyle ParagraphStyle ParagraphStyle ParagraphStyle ParagraphStyle

Specifies the paragraph style.

PointOptions PointOptions PointOptions PointOptions PointOptions

Defines options for specifying or retrieving a point.

RangeGravity RangeGravity RangeGravity RangeGravity RangeGravity

Specifies the gravity for a text range.

SelectionOptions SelectionOptions SelectionOptions SelectionOptions SelectionOptions

Describes the options that apply to a selection.

SelectionType SelectionType SelectionType SelectionType SelectionType

Specifies the type of a selection.

TabAlignment TabAlignment TabAlignment TabAlignment TabAlignment

Alignment options for tab positions.

TabLeader TabLeader TabLeader TabLeader TabLeader

The character that is used to fill the space taken by a tab character.

TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations

Defines constants that specify the decorations applied to text.

TextGetOptions TextGetOptions TextGetOptions TextGetOptions TextGetOptions

Specifies options for retrieving the text in a document or text range.

TextRangeUnit TextRangeUnit TextRangeUnit TextRangeUnit TextRangeUnit

Specifies the units to use when navigating a text range.

TextScript TextScript TextScript TextScript TextScript

Specifies the character repertoire (typically the script) for a run of character formatting.

TextSetOptions TextSetOptions TextSetOptions TextSetOptions TextSetOptions

Specifies options for setting the text in a text range.

UnderlineType UnderlineType UnderlineType UnderlineType UnderlineType

Specifies the type of character underlining.

VerticalCharacterAlignment VerticalCharacterAlignment VerticalCharacterAlignment VerticalCharacterAlignment VerticalCharacterAlignment

Specifies the vertical position of a character relative to a bounding rectangle.