PatternInterface PatternInterface PatternInterface PatternInterface Enum


Specifies the control pattern that the GetPattern method returns.

public : enum class PatternInterface
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Automation::Peers::PatternInterface : int32_t
public enum PatternInterface
Public Enum PatternInterface

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Annotation Annotation Annotation Annotation 23

The IAnnotationProvider interface.

CustomNavigation CustomNavigation CustomNavigation CustomNavigation 33

The CustomNavigation control pattern interface.

Dock Dock Dock Dock 12

The IDockProvider control pattern interface.

Drag Drag Drag Drag 24

The IDragProvider interface.

DropTarget DropTarget DropTarget DropTarget 25

The IDropTargetProvider interface.

ExpandCollapse ExpandCollapse ExpandCollapse ExpandCollapse 6

The IExpandCollapseProvider control pattern interface.

Grid Grid Grid Grid 7

The IGridProvider control pattern interface.

GridItem GridItem GridItem GridItem 8

The IGridItemProvider control pattern interface.

Invoke Invoke Invoke Invoke 0

The IInvokeProvider control pattern interface.

ItemContainer ItemContainer ItemContainer ItemContainer 18

The IItemContainerProvider control pattern interface.

MultipleView MultipleView MultipleView MultipleView 9

The IMultipleViewProvider control pattern interface.

ObjectModel ObjectModel ObjectModel ObjectModel 26

Introduced in . The IObjectModelProvider interface.

RangeValue RangeValue RangeValue RangeValue 3

The IRangeValueProvider control pattern interface.

Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll 4

The IScrollProvider control pattern interface.

ScrollItem ScrollItem ScrollItem ScrollItem 5

The IScrollItemProvider control pattern interface.

Selection Selection Selection Selection 1

The ISelectionProvider control pattern interface.

SelectionItem SelectionItem SelectionItem SelectionItem 11

The ISelectionItemProvider control pattern interface.

Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet 27

Introduced in . The ISpreadsheetProvider interface.

SpreadsheetItem SpreadsheetItem SpreadsheetItem SpreadsheetItem 28

Introduced in . The ISpreadsheetItemProvider interface.

Styles Styles Styles Styles 29

Introduced in . The IStylesProvider interface.

SynchronizedInput SynchronizedInput SynchronizedInput SynchronizedInput 31

Introduced in . The ISynchronizedInputProvider interface.

Table Table Table Table 13

The ITableProvider control pattern interface.

TableItem TableItem TableItem TableItem 14

The ITableItemProvider control pattern interface.

Text Text Text Text 17

The ITextProvider control pattern interface.

Text2 Text2 Text2 Text2 20

The ITextProvider2 interface.

TextChild TextChild TextChild TextChild 21

The ITextChildProvider interface.

TextEdit TextEdit TextEdit TextEdit 32

The TextEdit control pattern interface.

TextRange TextRange TextRange TextRange 22

The ITextRangeProvider interface.

Toggle Toggle Toggle Toggle 15

The IToggleProvider control pattern interface.

Transform Transform Transform Transform 16

The ITransformProvider control pattern interface.

Transform2 Transform2 Transform2 Transform2 30

Introduced in . The ITransformProvider2 interface.

Value Value Value Value 2

The IValueProvider control pattern interface.

VirtualizedItem VirtualizedItem VirtualizedItem VirtualizedItem 19

The IVirtualizedItemProvider control pattern interface.

Window Window Window Window 10

The IWindowProvider control pattern interface.

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