Button.Flyout Button.Flyout Button.Flyout Button.Flyout Property


Gets or sets the flyout associated with this button.

public : FlyoutBase Flyout { get; set; }
FlyoutBase Flyout();

void Flyout(FlyoutBase flyout);
public FlyoutBase Flyout { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property Flyout As FlyoutBase

Property Value

The flyout associated with this button, if any; otherwise, null. The default is null.


By default, the flyout that's set as the value of the Flyout property displays when the button is tapped or otherwise invoked, you don't need to call methods to display it. That differs from the behavior of flyouts assigned through the FlyoutBase.AttachedFlyout attached property; these flyouts must be explicitly displayed by calling ShowAt on the flyout instance, or the static ShowAttachedFlyout method.

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