Control.OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs) Method


Called before the ManipulationStarting event occurs.

Equivalent WinUI method: Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.Control.OnManipulationStarting.

 virtual void OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs ^ e) = OnManipulationStarting;
void OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs const& e);
protected virtual void OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs e);
function onManipulationStarting(e)
Protected Overridable Sub OnManipulationStarting (e As ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs)



Event data for the event.


Windows 8 behavior

Windows 8 had an issue with firing this event if multiple gestures happened in a short period of time. For example, Windows 8 might only fire ManipulationStarting for the first gesture and not the second. The issue is fixed starting with Windows 8.1; multiple starting gestures processed by the input system each fire a distinct ManipulationStarting event.

Apps that were compiled for Windows 8 but running on Windows 8.1 continue to use the Windows 8 behavior.

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