GroupStyle.Panel GroupStyle.Panel GroupStyle.Panel GroupStyle.Panel Property


Gets or sets a template that creates the panel used to lay out the items.

public : ItemsPanelTemplate Panel { get; set; }
ItemsPanelTemplate Panel();

void Panel(ItemsPanelTemplate panel);
public ItemsPanelTemplate Panel { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property Panel As ItemsPanelTemplate
<GroupStyle Panel="itemsPanelTemplateReference" />

Property Value

An ItemsPanelTemplate object that creates the panel used to layout the items.


An ItemsPanelTemplate object element should contain exactly one FrameworkElement -derived class that serves as the root element for items. In most cases this is a Panel -derived class. The expanded template serves as the parent for the realized items and there generally is more than one item. Therefore the XAML content property of the intended root element of an ItemsPanelTemplate should support a collection, as Panel.Children does.


The root element of the template declared for the ItemsPanelTemplate in the GroupStyle.Panel property cannot be a virtualizing panel. Virtualizing panels are defined as any type that derives from VirtualizingPanel, for example the VirtualizingStackPanel class.

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