Image.PlayToSource Image.PlayToSource Image.PlayToSource Image.PlayToSource Property


Gets the information that is transmitted if the Image is used for a Play To scenario.

public : PlayToSource PlayToSource { get; }
PlayToSource PlayToSource();
public PlayToSource PlayToSource { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PlayToSource As PlayToSource

Property Value

A reference object that carries the Play To source information.


You can use Play To to enable users to easily stream audio, video, or images from their computer to devices in their home network. Image.PlayToSource is specifically for the XAML images version of this scenario.

Play To is part of the Devices charm. Users open the Devices charm to select devices from their home network that they can stream the media content to. When a user selects a Play To target from the Devices charm, Play To fires the SourceRequested event. Play To then streams the media element that was passed to the SetSource method to the target device that the user has selected. Image.PlayToSource provides the PlayToSource controller object that the PlayToManager can use in this scenario. For an example of how to use Play To in an application, see PlayReady DRM.

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