ItemsControl.ItemsSource Property


Gets or sets an object source used to generate the content of the ItemsControl.

 property Platform::Object ^ ItemsSource { Platform::Object ^ get(); void set(Platform::Object ^ value); };
IInspectable ItemsSource();

void ItemsSource(IInspectable value);
public object ItemsSource { get; set; }
var object = itemsControl.itemsSource;
itemsControl.itemsSource = object;
Public Property ItemsSource As Object
<itemsControl ItemsSource="bindingDeclaration"/>
<itemsControl ItemsSource="resourceReferenceToSource"/>

Property Value


The type of the object that you set the ItemsSource property to must implement one of these interfaces.

.NET C++/WinRT C++/CX
IEnumerable<Object> IVector<IInspectable> IIterable<IInspectable>
IEnumerable IBindableObservableVector IBindableIterable

The ItemsControl can provide better performance if the ItemsSource property value also implements a random-access list interface.

.NET C++/WinRT C++/CX
IList<Object> IVector<IInspectable> IVector<IInspectable>
IReadOnlyCollection<Object> IVector<IInspectable> IVectorView<IInspectable>
IList IBindableObservableVector IBindableVector
IList IBindableObservableVector IBindableVectorView

The ItemsControl can raise collection-changed notification events if the ItemsSource property value also implements a collection-changed notification interface.

.NET C++/WinRT C++/CX
INotifyCollectionChanged IObservableVector<IInspectable> IObservableVector<IInspectable>

For .NET, in order for the collection-changed events to be handled, the ItemsSource property must also implement the non-generic IList interface.

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