Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Enum


Defines constants that specify a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font to use as the content of a SymbolIcon.

public : enum class Symbol
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Controls::Symbol : int32_t
public enum Symbol
Public Enum Symbol
<SymbolIcon Symbol="enumMemberName"/>

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Accept Accept Accept Accept 57611

E10B Accept icon

Account Account Account Account 57704

E168 Account icon

Add Add Add Add 57609

E109 Add icon

AddFriend AddFriend AddFriend AddFriend 57826

E1E2 Add Friend icon

Admin Admin Admin Admin 57767

E1A7 Admin icon

AlignCenter AlignCenter AlignCenter AlignCenter 57761

E1A1 Align Center icon

AlignLeft AlignLeft AlignLeft AlignLeft 57762

E1A2 Align Left icon

AlignRight AlignRight AlignRight AlignRight 57760

E1A0 Align Right icon

AllApps AllApps AllApps AllApps 57721

E179 All Apps icon

Attach Attach Attach Attach 57708

E16C Attach icon

AttachCamera AttachCamera AttachCamera AttachCamera 57645

E12D Attach Camera icon

Audio Audio Audio Audio 57737

E189 Audio icon

Back Back Back Back 57618

E112 Back icon

BackToWindow BackToWindow BackToWindow BackToWindow 57816

E1D8 Back To Window icon

BlockContact BlockContact BlockContact BlockContact 57824

E1E0 Block Contact icon

Bold Bold Bold Bold 57755

E19B Bold icon

Bookmarks Bookmarks Bookmarks Bookmarks 57647

E12F Bookmarks icon

BrowsePhotos BrowsePhotos BrowsePhotos BrowsePhotos 57685

E155 Browse Photos icon

Bullets Bullets Bullets Bullets 57651

E133 Bullets icon

Calculator Calculator Calculator Calculator 57808

E1D0 Calculator icon

Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar 57699

E163 Calendar icon

CalendarDay CalendarDay CalendarDay CalendarDay 57697

E161 Calendar Day icon

CalendarReply CalendarReply CalendarReply CalendarReply 57819

E1DB Calendar Reply icon

CalendarWeek CalendarWeek CalendarWeek CalendarWeek 57698

E162 Calendar Week icon

Camera Camera Camera Camera 57620

E114 Camera icon

Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel 57610

E10A Cancel icon

Caption Caption Caption Caption 57690

E15A Caption icon

CellPhone CellPhone CellPhone CellPhone 57801

E1C9 Cell Phone icon

Character Character Character Character 57700

E164 Character icon

Clear Clear Clear Clear 57606

E106 Clear icon

ClearSelection ClearSelection ClearSelection ClearSelection 57797

E1C5 Clear Selection icon

Clock Clock Clock Clock 57633

E121 Clock icon

ClosedCaption ClosedCaption ClosedCaption ClosedCaption 57744

E190 Closed Caption icon

ClosePane ClosePane ClosePane ClosePane 57639

E127 Close Pane icon

Comment Comment Comment Comment 57652

E134 Comment icon

Contact Contact Contact Contact 57661

E13D Contact icon

Contact2 Contact2 Contact2 Contact2 57735

E187 Contact 2 icon

ContactInfo ContactInfo ContactInfo ContactInfo 57654

E136 Contact Info icon

ContactPresence ContactPresence ContactPresence ContactPresence 57729

E181 Contact Presence icon

Copy Copy Copy Copy 57711

E16F Copy icon

Crop Crop Crop Crop 57635

E123 Crop icon

Cut Cut Cut Cut 57707

E16B Cut icon

Delete Delete Delete Delete 57607

E107 Delete icon

Directions Directions Directions Directions 57809

E1D1 Directions icon

DisableUpdates DisableUpdates DisableUpdates DisableUpdates 57748

E194 Disable Updates icon

DisconnectDrive DisconnectDrive DisconnectDrive DisconnectDrive 57722

E17A Disconnect Drive icon

Dislike Dislike Dislike Dislike 57758

E19E Dislike icon

DockBottom DockBottom DockBottom DockBottom 57671

E147 Dock Bottom icon

DockLeft DockLeft DockLeft DockLeft 57669

E145 Dock Left icon

DockRight DockRight DockRight DockRight 57670

E146 Dock Right icon

Document Document Document Document 57648

E130 Document icon

Download Download Download Download 57624

E118 Download icon

Edit Edit Edit Edit 57604

E104 Edit icon

Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji 57629

E11D Emoji icon

Emoji2 Emoji2 Emoji2 Emoji2 57712

E170 Emoji 2 icon

Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite 57619

E113 Favorite icon

Filter Filter Filter Filter 57710

E16E Filter icon

Find Find Find Find 57626

E11A Find icon

Flag Flag Flag Flag 57641

E129 Flag icon

Folder Folder Folder Folder 57736

E188 Folder icon

Font Font Font Font 57733

E185 Font icon

FontColor FontColor FontColor FontColor 57734

E186 Font Color icon

FontDecrease FontDecrease FontDecrease FontDecrease 57798

E1C6 Font Decrease icon

FontIncrease FontIncrease FontIncrease FontIncrease 57799

E1C7 Font Increase icon

FontSize FontSize FontSize FontSize 57800

E1C8 Font Size icon

Forward Forward Forward Forward 57617

E111 Forward icon

FourBars FourBars FourBars FourBars 57833

E1E9 Four Bars icon

FullScreen FullScreen FullScreen FullScreen 57817

E1D9 Full Screen icon

GlobalNavigationButton GlobalNavigationButton GlobalNavigationButton GlobalNavigationButton 59136

E700 GlobalNav icon

Globe Globe Globe Globe 57643

E12B Globe icon

Go Go Go Go 57667

E143 Go icon

GoToStart GoToStart GoToStart GoToStart 57828

E1E4 Go To Start icon

GoToToday GoToToday GoToToday GoToToday 57732

E184 Go To Today icon

HangUp HangUp HangUp HangUp 57655

E137 Hang Up icon

Help Help Help Help 57627

E11B Help icon

HideBcc HideBcc HideBcc HideBcc 57706

E16A Hide BCC icon

Highlight Highlight Highlight Highlight 57747

E193 Highlight icon

Home Home Home Home 57615

E10F Home icon

Import Import Import Import 57680

E150 Import icon

ImportAll ImportAll ImportAll ImportAll 57681

E151 Import All icon

Important Important Important Important 57713

E171 Important icon

Italic Italic Italic Italic 57753

E199 Italic icon

Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard 57668

E144 Keyboard icon

LeaveChat LeaveChat LeaveChat LeaveChat 57631

E11F Leave Chat icon

Library Library Library Library 57811

E1D3 Library icon

Like Like Like Like 57759

E19F Like icon

LikeDislike LikeDislike LikeDislike LikeDislike 57757

E19D Like Dislike icon


E167 Link icon

List List List List 57676

E14C List icon

Mail Mail Mail Mail 57625

E119 Mail icon

MailFilled MailFilled MailFilled MailFilled 57653

E135 Mail Filled icon

MailForward MailForward MailForward MailForward 57632

E120 Mail Forward icon

MailReply MailReply MailReply MailReply 57714

E172 Mail Reply icon

MailReplyAll MailReplyAll MailReplyAll MailReplyAll 57701

E165 Mail Reply All icon

Manage Manage Manage Manage 57720

E178 Manage icon

Map Map Map Map 57796

E1C4 Map icon

MapDrive MapDrive MapDrive MapDrive 57723

E17B Map Drive icon

MapPin MapPin MapPin MapPin 57657

E139 Map Pin icon

Memo Memo Memo Memo 57813

E1D5 Memo icon

Message Message Message Message 57695

E15F Message icon

Microphone Microphone Microphone Microphone 57814

E1D6 Microphone icon

More More More More 57612

E10C More icon

MoveToFolder MoveToFolder MoveToFolder MoveToFolder 57756

E19C Move To Folder icon

MusicInfo MusicInfo MusicInfo MusicInfo 57666

E142 Music Info icon

Mute Mute Mute Mute 57752

E198 Mute icon

NewFolder NewFolder NewFolder NewFolder 57818

E1DA New Folder icon

NewWindow NewWindow NewWindow NewWindow 57724

E17C New Window icon

Next Next Next Next 57601

E101 Next icon

OneBar OneBar OneBar OneBar 57830

E1E6 One Bar icon

OpenFile OpenFile OpenFile OpenFile 57765

E1A5 Open File icon

OpenLocal OpenLocal OpenLocal OpenLocal 57751

E197 Open Local icon

OpenPane OpenPane OpenPane OpenPane 57638

E126 Open Pane icon

OpenWith OpenWith OpenWith OpenWith 57725

E17D Open With icon

Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation 57679

E14F Orientation icon

OtherUser OtherUser OtherUser OtherUser 57766

E1A6 Other User icon

OutlineStar OutlineStar OutlineStar OutlineStar 57806

E1CE Outline Star icon

Page Page Page Page 57650

E132 Page icon

Page2 Page2 Page2 Page2 57696

E160 Page2 icon

Paste Paste Paste Paste 57709

E16D Paste icon

Pause Pause Pause Pause 57603

E103 Pause icon

People People People People 57637

E125 People icon

Permissions Permissions Permissions Permissions 57746

E192 Permissions icon

Phone Phone Phone Phone 57658

E13A Phone icon

PhoneBook PhoneBook PhoneBook PhoneBook 57812

E1D4 Phone Book icon

Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures 57688

E158 Pictures icon

Pin Pin Pin Pin 57665

E141 Pin icon

Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder 57738

E18A Placeholder icon

Play Play Play Play 57602

E102 Play icon

PostUpdate PostUpdate PostUpdate PostUpdate 57815

E1D7 Post Update icon

Preview Preview Preview Preview 58005

E295 Preview icon


E12A Preview Link icon

Previous Previous Previous Previous 57600

E100 Previous icon

Print Print Print Print 59209

E749 Print icon

Priority Priority Priority Priority 57730

E182 Priority icon

ProtectedDocument ProtectedDocument ProtectedDocument ProtectedDocument 57649

E131 Protected Document icon

Read Read Read Read 57702

E166 Read icon

Redo Redo Redo Redo 57613

E10D Redo icon

Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh 57673

E149 Refresh icon

Remote Remote Remote Remote 57672

E148 Remote icon

Remove Remove Remove Remove 57608

E108 Remove icon

Rename Rename Rename Rename 57662

E13E Rename icon

Repair Repair Repair Repair 57694

E15E Repair icon

RepeatAll RepeatAll RepeatAll RepeatAll 57805

E1CD Repeat All icon

RepeatOne RepeatOne RepeatOne RepeatOne 57804

E1CC Repeat 1 icon

ReportHacked ReportHacked ReportHacked ReportHacked 57822

E1DE Report Hacked icon

ReShare ReShare ReShare ReShare 57802

E1CA Reshare icon

Rotate Rotate Rotate Rotate 57674

E14A Rotate icon

RotateCamera RotateCamera RotateCamera RotateCamera 57636

E124 Rotate Camera icon

Save Save Save Save 57605

E105 Save icon

SaveLocal SaveLocal SaveLocal SaveLocal 57689

E159 Save Local icon

Scan Scan Scan Scan 58004

E294 Scan icon

SelectAll SelectAll SelectAll SelectAll 57678

E14E Select All icon

Send Send Send Send 57634

E122 Send icon

SetLockScreen SetLockScreen SetLockScreen SetLockScreen 57740

E18C Set Lock Screen icon

SetTile SetTile SetTile SetTile 57741

E18D Set Tile icon

Setting Setting Setting Setting 57621

E115 Setting icon

Share Share Share Share 59181

E72D Share icon

Shop Shop Shop Shop 57677

E14D Shop icon

ShowBcc ShowBcc ShowBcc ShowBcc 57705

E169 Show BCC icon

ShowResults ShowResults ShowResults ShowResults 57692

E15C Show Results icon

Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle 57675

E14B Shuffle icon

SlideShow SlideShow SlideShow SlideShow 57715

E173 Slide Show icon

SolidStar SolidStar SolidStar SolidStar 57807

E1CF Solid Star icon

Sort Sort Sort Sort 57716

E174 Sort icon

Stop Stop Stop Stop 57691

E15B Stop icon

StopSlideShow StopSlideShow StopSlideShow StopSlideShow 57745

E191 Stop Slide Show icon

Street Street Street Street 57795

E1C3 Street icon

Switch Switch Switch Switch 57660

E13C Switch icon

SwitchApps SwitchApps SwitchApps SwitchApps 57825

E1E1 Switch Apps  icon

Sync Sync Sync Sync 57623

E117 Sync icon

SyncFolder SyncFolder SyncFolder SyncFolder 57823

E1DF Sync Folder icon

Tag Tag Tag Tag 57803

E1CB Tag icon

Target Target Target Target 57810

E1D2 Target icon

ThreeBars ThreeBars ThreeBars ThreeBars 57832

E1E8 Three Bars icon

TouchPointer TouchPointer TouchPointer TouchPointer 57827

E1E3 Touch Pointer icon

Trim Trim Trim Trim 57644

E12C Trim icon

TwoBars TwoBars TwoBars TwoBars 57831

E1E7 Two Bars icon

TwoPage TwoPage TwoPage TwoPage 57630

E11E Two Page icon

Underline Underline Underline Underline 57754

E19A Underline icon

Undo Undo Undo Undo 57614

E10E Undo icon

UnFavorite UnFavorite UnFavorite UnFavorite 57749

E195 Unfavorite icon

UnPin UnPin UnPin UnPin 57750

E196 UnPin icon

UnSyncFolder UnSyncFolder UnSyncFolder UnSyncFolder 57821

E1DD Unsync Folder icon

Up Up Up Up 57616

E110 Up icon

Upload Upload Upload Upload 57628

E11C Upload icon

Video Video Video Video 57622

E116 Video icon

VideoChat VideoChat VideoChat VideoChat 57659

E13B Video Chat icon

View View View View 57739

E18B View icon

ViewAll ViewAll ViewAll ViewAll 57656

E138 View All icon

Volume Volume Volume Volume 57693

E15D Volume icon

WebCam WebCam WebCam WebCam 57686

E156 Web Cam icon

World World World World 57640

E128 World icon

XboxOneConsole XboxOneConsole XboxOneConsole XboxOneConsole 59792

E990 Xbox icon

ZeroBars ZeroBars ZeroBars ZeroBars 57829

E1E5 Zero Bars icon

Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom 57763

E1A3 Zoom icon

ZoomIn ZoomIn ZoomIn ZoomIn 57646

E12E Zoom In icon

ZoomOut ZoomOut ZoomOut ZoomOut 57764

E1A4 Zoom Out icon


The Symbol enumeration is typically used to set the value of the AppBarButton.Icon property or the SymbolIcon.Symbol property. For more info and examples, see the documentation for AppBarButton and SymbolIcon.

If you would like to use a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font that is not included in the Symbol enum, then use a FontIcon.

Notes for previous versions

Universal Windows 8 app For Universal Windows 8 app, the standard glyphs are provided by the Segoe UI Symbol font. See AppBar button style images to see these glyphs.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1709 16299 GlobalNavigationButton
1709 16299 Print
1709 16299 Share
1709 16299 XboxOneConsole

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