WrapGrid.Orientation Property


Gets or sets the direction in which child elements are arranged.

 property Orientation Orientation { Orientation get(); void set(Orientation value); };
Orientation Orientation();

void Orientation(Orientation value);
public Orientation Orientation { get; set; }
var orientation = wrapGrid.orientation;
wrapGrid.orientation = orientation;
Public Property Orientation As Orientation
WrapGrid Orientation="orientationMemberName" />

Property Value


A value of the enumeration. The default is Vertical.


The Orientation property specifies whether the grid adds its items in rows or columns before wrapping.

When the value is Vertical, the grid adds items in columns from top to bottom, then wraps from left to right, like this:

Item 1Item 4Item 7
Item 2Item 5Item 8
Item 3Item 6Item 9

When the value is Horizontal, the grid adds items in rows from left to right, then wraps from top to bottom, like this:

Item 1Item 2Item 3
Item 4Item 5Item 6
Item 7Item 8Item 9

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