Hyperlink.Click Hyperlink.Click Hyperlink.Click Hyperlink.Click Event


Occurs when the Hyperlink is clicked.

public : event TypedEventHandler<Hyperlink, HyperlinkClickEventArgs> Click
// Register
event_token Click(TypedEventHandler<Hyperlink, HyperlinkClickEventArgs> const& handler) const;

// Revoke with event_token
void Click(event_token const& cookie) const;

// Revoke with event_revoker
Click_revoker Click(auto_revoke_t, TypedEventHandler<Hyperlink, HyperlinkClickEventArgs> const& handler) const;
public event TypedEventHandler<Hyperlink, HyperlinkClickEventArgs> Click
Public Event Click As TypedEventHandler (Of Hyperlink, HyperlinkClickEventArgs)
<Hyperlink Click="eventhandler"/>


The Click event is intended for navigation within the app, or actions other than launching a URI in a browser. For example, if you want a new app page to load rather than opening a browser, or if you want to load the URI specifically within a WebView control, you handle the Click event and write code to perform the actions you want. You don't typically handle Click as well as specifying a NavigateUri value, these represent two different ways of using the Hyperlink element. If your intent is to open the URI in the default browser, and you have specified a value for NavigateUri, don't handle Click. Conversely, if you have code for the Click event, don't specify a NavigateUri.

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