HttpProgressStage HttpProgressStage HttpProgressStage HttpProgressStage HttpProgressStage Enum


Indicates the step in the progress for an HTTP connection.

public : enum class HttpProgressStage
enum class winrt::Windows::Web::Http::HttpProgressStage : int32_t
public enum HttpProgressStage
Public Enum HttpProgressStage
var value = Windows.Web.Http.HttpProgressStage.connectingToServer;

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


ConnectingToServer ConnectingToServer ConnectingToServer ConnectingToServer ConnectingToServer 30

The socket used for the HTTP connection is connecting to the server.

DetectingProxy DetectingProxy DetectingProxy DetectingProxy DetectingProxy 10

The system starts to detect a proxy.

This step may not occur depending on the system configuration.

NegotiatingSsl NegotiatingSsl NegotiatingSsl NegotiatingSsl NegotiatingSsl 40

The HTTP connection to the server is negotiating SSL.

If the SSL negotiation fails, then this will be the last step that occurs on the HTTP connection.

None None None None None 0

A default value that should not be encountered.

ReceivingContent ReceivingContent ReceivingContent ReceivingContent ReceivingContent 90

The HTTP client is receiving content from the server.

ReceivingHeaders ReceivingHeaders ReceivingHeaders ReceivingHeaders ReceivingHeaders 80

The HTTP client is receiving headers from the server.

ResolvingName ResolvingName ResolvingName ResolvingName ResolvingName 20

The system is resolving the hostname for the HTTP connection.

This step may not occur if the hostname doesn't need to be resolved.

SendingContent SendingContent SendingContent SendingContent SendingContent 60

HTTP content is being sent to the server.

This step may not occur if there is no content to send.

SendingHeaders SendingHeaders SendingHeaders SendingHeaders SendingHeaders 50

HTTP headers are being sent to the server.

WaitingForResponse WaitingForResponse WaitingForResponse WaitingForResponse WaitingForResponse 70

The HTTP client is waiting for a response from the server.


This enumeration value is a member of the HttpProgress structure returned by many of the asynchronous methods in the Windows.Web.Http namespace. The enumeration values indicates steps in the progress for an HTTP connection.

Some steps are not taken depending on the system configuration and other factors.