StoreManifest schema

StoreManifest.xml is an optional configuration file that may be included in a UWP package. Its purpose is to enable features, such as declaring your app as a Microsoft Store device app, that the AppxManifest.xml file does not cover. StoreManifest.xml is submitted with the application package and must be in the root folder of your app's main project.

Note  This section describes StoreManifest.xml for UWP packages targeting Windows 10. For packages targeting Windows 8.1 and earlier, see StoreManifest schema (Windows 8.1 and earlier).


To validate your StoreManifest.xml, create a new xml document in Microsoft Visual Studio and add the following declaration: namespace

See the samples instance document in StoreManifest XML example.

The following table lists all of the elements in this schema, sorted alphabetically by name.

Element Description

Declares requirements that a package depends on to be applicable to a device.


The DeviceCompanionApplication element contains all the configuration required to declare your app as a Microsoft Store device app.


Identifies the minimum DirectX level that a device must support in order for your package to run properly.


The ExperienceId element specifies a GUID that links the device metadata to a device app that can be automatically acquired when the device is first connected. Each ExperienceId GUID corresponds to the ExperienceId element of a device metadata package.


Identifies the minimum memory that a device must have in order for your package to run properly.

For desktop devices, the value indicates the requirement for installed memory. Available memory is not considered.

For mobile devices, the value indicates the requirements for available memory. The equivalent requirements for installed memory on mobile devices are as follows:

  • 300MB = device must have at least 1 GB of installed memory
  • 750MB = device must have at least 2 GB of installed memory
  • 1000MB = device must have at least 3 GB of installed memory
  • 2000MB = device must have at least 4 GB of installed memory

For example, if you specify that your UWP app requires 300 MB to run properly, it will only be able to be installed on mobile devices with >1 GB of RAM or on desktop devices with >300 MB of RAM.


Root node for the StoreManifest schema (for Windows 10).


Identifies the device family that your package targets.

Important  In most cases, you should simply specify your device families in the [TargetDeviceFamily]( element of your AppxManifest. Values here should only be used if you need to override that info (using a subset of the values provided there).