Hello all,


I’m Paul Despe and I work as a program manager on the Microsoft Hyper-V team.


Until now, Hyper-V administrators using Server Core installs of Windows Server 2008 or Microsoft Hyper-V Server were unable to enable and disable protocol bindings from the parent partition due to the lack of a graphical network control panel only available in full installs of Windows Server.


I'm pleased to announce one of our developers on the Hyper-V team, Keith Mange, recently addressed this gap with the release of his (previously Microsoft internal-only) networking tool NVSPBIND.EXE publicly on. See it here

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This command line tool gives users easier granular control over network items they want enabled for their physical NICs and helps fills a gap in troubleshooting, optimizing and hardening networking configurations on Server Core installs or Hyper-V Server.


See John Howard’s blog [here] for more details:

  Paul Despe