The HvCallGetVpRegisters hypercall reads the state of a virtual processor.


   _In_ HV_PARTITION_ID PartitionId,
   _In_ HV_VP_INDEX VpIndex,
   _In_ HV_INPUT_VTL InputVtl,
   _Inout_ PUINT32 RegisterCount,
   _In_reads(RegisterCount) PCHV_REGISTER_NAME RegisterNameList,
   _In_writes(RegisterCount) PHV_REGISTER_VALUE RegisterValueList

The state is returned as a series of register values, each corresponding to a register name provided as input.


  • The caller must either be the parent of the partition specified by PartitionId, or the partition specified must be “self” and the partition must have the AccessVpRegisters privilege.

Call Code

0x0050 (Rep)

Input Parameters

Name Offset Size Information Provided
PartitionId 0 8 Specifies the partition Id.
VpIndex 8 4 Specifies the index of the virtual processor.
TargetVtl 12 1 specifies the target VTL.
RsvdZ 13 3

Input List Element

Name Offset Size Information Provided
RegisterName 0 4 Specifies the name of a register to be read.

Output List Element

Name Offset Size Information Provided
RegisterValue 0 16 Returns the value of the specified register.

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