About building container ecosystems

To understand why building a container ecosystem is so important, let's first talk about its components.

Components of a container ecosystem

Windows containers are a key component of a large container ecosystem. We’re working across the industry to deliver developer choice at each layer of the solution stack.

The container ecosystem provides ways to manage, share, and develop apps that run in containers.

A diagram of the container ecosystem. It shows various Microsoft products spit into four categories: development environments, container management, container technologies, and Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft wants to empower developer choice and productivity as they build these next-gen apps. Our goal is to fuel developer productivity, which means enabling applications to target any Microsoft cloud without having to modify, rewrite, or reconfigure code.

Microsoft is committed to being open and ecosystem-friendly. We actively support the combination of multiple developer ecosystems of interest, such as Windows and Linux, to drive innovation.

Over the coming months, we'll provide more information about additional partners in this developing ecosystem.