Code Analysis Application Errors


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This section is a reference of the error messages that are generated by the managed code analysis tool. To get help for a specific error message, type the error number in the Look for box in the Index.

In This Section

CA0001 An exception was raised within managed code analysis tool that does not indicate an expected error condition.
CA0051 No rules were selected.
CA0052 No targets were selected to analyze.
CA0053 Rule assembly could not be loaded.
CA0054 A custom rule assembly has invalid XML resources.
CA0055 Could not load file:<path>
CA0056 A project file has an incorrect version of the analysis tool.
CA0057 Violations cannot be mapped to the current set of targets and rules.
CA0058 Unable to load assemblies referenced.
CA0059 Command line switch error.
CA0060 Unable to load assemblies referenced indirectly.
CA0061 The rule 'RuleId' could not be found.
CA0062 The rule 'RuleId' referenced in rule set 'RuleSetName' could not be found.
CA0063 Failed to load rule set file or one of its dependent rule set files.
CA0064 No analysis was performed because the specified rule set did not contain any FxCop rules.
CA0065 Unsupported metadata construct: Type 'TypeName' contains both a property and a field with the same name 'PropertyFieldName'
CA0066 The value 'VersionID' provided to the /targetframeworkversion is not a recognized version.
CA0067 Directory not found.
CA0068 Debug information could not be found for target assembly 'AssemblyName'.
CA0069 Using Alternate Platform. FrameworkVersion1 could not be found. Using FrameworkVersion2 instead. For best analysis results please ensure that the correct .NET Framework is installed.
CA0070 Cannot load assembly or type due to security permissions.
CA0501 Unable to read output report.
CA0502 Unsupported language.
CA0503 The property is deprecated. Use the superceding property
CA0504 Rule directory was ignored because it does not exist
CA0505 The property is deprecated. Use the superceding property
FxCopCmd Errors Managed code analysis errors.