Class Hierarchy of Symbol Types

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The following table describes the symbol types in the class hierarchy.

Symbol Types

Symbol type Description
UDT Symbol used to represent each class, structure, and union.
Enum (Debug Interface Access SDK) Symbol for enumerated types.
PointerType Symbol for pointer types.
ArrayType Symbol for array types.
BaseType Symbol for base types
Typedef (Debug Interface Access SDK) Symbol that introduces names for other types.
BaseClass Symbol used for each base class of a user-defined type (UDT).
Friend (Debug Interface Access SDK) Symbol for friend classes and friend functions.
FunctionType Symbol for each unique function signature.
FunctionArgType Symbol for each parameter to a function.
VTableShape Symbol for the size of the virtual table.
VTable Symbol for a virtual table.
CustomType Symbol for vendor-defined type.
ManagedType Symbol for a type defined in metadata.
Dimension Symbol for array dimensions.


Each symbol can have properties that hold information about the symbol, as well as references to other symbols. These properties are listed in the individual symbol topics.

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