Constants (Debug Interface Access SDK)

Applies to: yesVisual Studio noVisual Studio for Mac

These string constants can be used to identify various sections of a program debug database (PDB) file through the DIA SDK.


The following are declared as C/C++ macros.

Macro Value
DiaTable_Symbols L"Symbols"
DiaTable_Sections L"Sections"
DiaTable_SrcFiles L"SourceFiles"
DiaTable_LineNums L"LineNumbers"
DiaTable_SegMap L"SegmentMap"
DiaTable_Dbg L"Dbg"
DiaTable_InjSrc L"InjectedSource"
DiaTable_FrameData L"FrameData"


Here is an example using one of these symbols:

HRESULT GetSymbolTable(IDiaEnumTables *pEnumTables, IDiaTable **pTable)
    HRESULT hr;
    VARIANT var;
    var.vt      = VT_BSTR;
    var.bstrVal = SysAllocString( DiaTable_Symbols );
    hr = pEnumTables->Item( var, pTable );


Header: dia2.h

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