Symbol Locations

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Most symbols have a defined location within the image file. A symbol's location is specified with a value from the LocationType Enumeration enumeration. The symbol may support additional properties depending on its location.

The following table shows the most commonly used location types and their additional properties.

Location type Additional properties
LocIsNull none
LocIsStatic IDiaSymbol::get_addressOffset


IDiaSymbol::get_relativeVirtualAddress (if relative virtual addresses are enabled)

IDiaSymbol::get_virtualAddress (if the image base has been set to nonzero)
LocIsTLS IDiaSymbol::get_addressSection

LocIsRegRel IDiaSymbol::get_registerId

LocIsThisRel IDiaSymbol::get_offset
LocIsEnregistered IDiaSymbol::get_registerId
LocIsBitField IDiaSymbol::get_bitPosition


LocIsSlot IDiaSymbol::get_slot
LocIsIlRel IDiaSymbol::get_offset
LocInMetaData IDiaSymbol::get_token
LocIsConstant IDiaSymbol::get_value

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