Debugging Preparation: C#, F#, and Visual Basic Project Types

The topics in this section describe how to debug the C#, F#, and Visual Basic project types created by the Visual Studio project templates.

Note that those project types that create DLLs as their output have been grouped into Debugging DLL Projects because of the common features they share.

In This Section

Recommended Property Settings This section describes the recommended debugging-related property settings for C#, F#, and Visual Basic projects.

Windows Forms Applications Describes a Windows Application project and provides instructions for debugging, changing the default Debug configuration, and starting the application outside of Visual Studio and attaching to it.

Console Projects Provides additional considerations for debugging C# or Visual Basic console applications. This includes specifying command-line arguments, starting your application from the command prompt, writing to the Output window, and troubleshooting the Console window.

Windows Services Describes a Windows service and provides a link to Debugging Windows Service Applications.

Debugger Settings and Preparation Covers the settings and preparation that you must perform to debug your program with the Visual Studio debugger.

Debugging Managed Code Covers common debugging problems and techniques for applications written in managed code.

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