Security Warning: Debugger Must Execute Untrusted Command

This warning dialog box appears when you are using Source Server. It indicates that the command the debugger needs to execute to obtain source code is not in the list of trusted commands for Source Server contained in the srcsvr.ini file. If this is a valid command, you can add it to the srcsvr.ini file. Otherwise, you should not run it. For more information, see Specify Symbol (.pdb) and Source Files.

Message Text

The debugger must execute the following untrusted command to obtain source code from the source server.

If the debug symbol file (*.pdb) is not from a known and trusted source, this command could be invalid or dangerous to run.

Do you want to run this command?

UIElement List

Text Box Command from the .pdb file to run.

Run Allow the command to run.

Don't Run Stop execution of command and downloading of the file from Source Server.

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