API Reference (Visual Studio Debugging)

The reference section includes a conceptual overview of the API, a guide that shows the syntax and usage for all API elements, and an assortment of code examples. All references are listed alphabetically by category.

The following table shows the common HRESULT values returned by methods.

Name Description Value
S_OK Success. 0x00000000
E_UNEXPECTED Unexpected failure. 0x8000FFFF
E_NOTIMPL Not implemented. 0x80004001
E_OUTOFMEMORY Not enough memory to complete the operation. 0x8007000E
E_INVALIDARG One or more arguments are invalid. 0x80070057
E_NOINTERFACE No such interface supported. 0x80004002
E_POINTER Invalid pointer. 0x80004003
E_HANDLE Invalid handle. 0x80070006
E_ABORT Operation aborted. 0x80004004
E_FAIL Unexpected failure. 0x80004005
E_ACCESSDENIED General access denied error. 0x80070005


When a Visual Studio debugging method returns S_OK, it is assumed that all out parameter pointers are valid, that is, no validation is conducted on out parameter pointers when S_OK is returned.


Invalid or NULL [out] parameters may cause the IDE to crash.

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