Creating a Source Control VSPackage


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This documentation includes links to the architecture overview of a source-control package integrated with Visual Studio, the API that is defined by the interfaces to be implemented and the services to be consumed, and a sample that illustrates a simple source control package implementation.

With a source control VSPackage, you can create a deep integration path for source control to integrate with Visual Studio. It enables the package to bypass the default source control UI hosted by Visual Studio, respond to source control requests from the project system, and interact with Visual Studio components such as Solution Explorer. The Visual Studio SDK empowers Visual Studio partners with a mechanism to create a VSPackage that can integrate with Visual Studio using a service model.

In This Section

Getting Started
Discusses the source control package, which is a more advanced alternative to the source control plug-in for implementing source control features in Visual Studio.

Presents a diagram and explains the components of a source control package.

Describes the various features of a source control package.

Design Elements
Describes the structure of the VSPackage that a source control package must implement for deep integration.

Creating a Source Control Plug-in
Discusses how to create a source control plug-in that supplies source control functionality in the Visual Studio source control user interface (UI).

Source Control
Discusses the options for implementing source control as an integrated feature of Visual Studio.