Project and Solution File Types


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Visual Studio supports many file types. In a particular installation, the installed components determine which file types are supported. This topic lists solution and project file types that are supported in some typical installations. For information about other file types, search by using the file name extensions for each type.

Solution Files (.sln and .suo)

Visual Studio uses two file types (.sln and .suo) to store settings specific to solutions. These files, known collectively as solution files, provide Solution Explorer with the information it needs to display a graphical interface for managing your files. They allow you to concentrate on your projects and final goals rather than on the environment itself each time you return to your development tasks.

Extension Name Description
.sln Visual Studio Solution Organizes projects, project items and solution items into the solution.
.suo Solution User Options Keeps track of user-level customizations you have made Visual Studio, such as breakpoints.

Project Files

Visual Studio uses a variety of file formats to store information specific to projects. For more information, see the following Help topics:

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