How-to: Do Technical Interviews using Live Share

Using Live Share for interviews, allows the interviewer and candidate to have a fast and reliable interview session, with a full-fidelity IDE or editor.

Setup for interviewer

To interview a candidate with Live Share you must first either of the two desktop clients:

Install Visual Studio which comes in-built with the Live Share extension


Make sure you turn on Insiders for Live Share by going to Tools> Options > Live Share > Advanced > Features. This will enable you to use our in-built audio calling support for interviews.

Or install Visual Studio Code and download the Live Share extension pack from the marketplace. The extension pack will provide you with our audio support for interviews.

Scheduling an interview

Live Share in VS Code provides you the ability to create Live Share sessions in advance. You can use the following steps to create a session in advance:

  1. Go to the Command Palette using Ctrl+Shift+P
  2. Type "Live Sha..." and click the 'Live Share: Create Reusable Session link' command.


  1. This will create a Reusable Session and a link to it will be copied to your clipboard. You will see a notification pop-up on the lower-right corner of your editor.


4.Send the link.

Once you have this link, just share it with the interviewee via email or your choice of scheduling mechanism. All they have to do is click on that link at the time of the interview and they will be in a Live Share session.


A Reusable Session link is persistent and lasts for 30 days from its date of creation, or date of last use. While generating a Reusable Session link for your interview make sure that the interview is within 30 days of the date of the link's creation. If the link expires, just create a new Reusable Session. (There is a a way to ensure the link never expires, but this is just easier for interviews!)

Note: Currently, Live Share in Visual Studio does not have the ability to create sessions in advance. For interviews you conduct using Live Share in Visual Studio, you can follow our guide on how to start an instant Live Share session here

Setup for candidate

While a candidate can always install the either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code to join the interview, they do not need to do so. Live Share interview sessions can be joined by candidates without any prior setup. They can click on the interview link at the time of the session and join from the browser. Learn more here.