Common keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio for Mac

Show code generation window

This command contextually generates code:

⌘ + 1

A panel appears with options for generating code related to the selected symbol

Search Files, Symbols, and Commands

control + .


control + /

Quick fixes and actions

Displays refactoring context actions:

option + enter

Displays context actions

Find in files

⌘ + shift + F

File Switcher

Allows quick switching between files:

control + tab

Move lines around in Editor

alt + up/down

Use the alt + up command to move up the current line or current selected lines, and use the alt + down command to move the lines down. If the language add-in supports it, the lines will be re-indented to match the context when they move in and out of scope.

Word navigation

Moves the caret to the next or previous word:

option + left/right

Line navigation

Moves the caret to the beginning or end of the line:

⌘ + left/right

Expands the Selection

Expands word, sub-expressions, statement, and line member selection in a logical way:

alt + shift + up to select alt + shift + down to de-select