How to: Build Specific Targets in Solutions By Using MSBuild.exe


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You can use MSBuild.exe to build specific targets of specific projects in a solution.

To build a specific target of a specific project in a solution

  1. At the command line, type MSBuild.exe <SolutionName>.sln, where <SolutionName> corresponds to the file name of the solution that contains the target that you want to execute.

  2. Specify the target after the /t switch in the format ProjectName:TargetName.


The following example executes the Rebuild target of the NotInSlnFolder project, and then executes the Clean target of the InSolutionFolder project, which is located in the NewFolder solution folder.

msbuild SlnFolders.sln /t:NotInSlnfolder:Rebuild;NewFolder\InSolutionFolder:Clean  

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