The VSPerfCmd.exe Mark option inserts the specified information into the profiling data file. Mark can be listed in a separate VSPerfReport report or in the Mark Report view of the profiler UI. Mark can be used to specify start and end points in report and view filters.

The Mark option must be the only option specified on the command line.


VSPerfCmd.exe /Mark:MarkID,[MarkName]


MarkID A user-defined integer that is listed as the Mark ID in profiler views and reports. MarkID does not have to be unique.

MarkName (Optional) A user-defined string that is listed as the Mark Name in profiler views and reports. If MarkName is not specified, the Mark Name field of the mark listing is empty. Enclose strings that contain spaces or forward slashes ("/") in quotation marks.


This example inserts a mark with an ID of 123 and a mark name of "TestMark".

VSPerfCmd.exe /Start:Sample /Output:TestApp.exe.vsp
VSPerfCmd.exe /Launch:TestApp.exe
VSPerfCmd.exe /Mark:123,TestMark

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