Remote debugging troubleshooter for Python and Azure

Visual Studio fails to attach to an Azure App Service for remote debugging for any of the following reasons:

Reason Resolution
You do not have Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or later installed. Install a suitable version from
The project that's deployed to App Service doesn't match the one open in Visual Studio. Load the correct project into Visual Studio.
The project wasn't deployed with the Debug configuration. Redeploy the application by right-clicking the project in Solution Explorer and selecting Publish. In the Settings tab, make sure Debug is the selected configuration.
The App Service isn't running. Start it from Server Explorer in Visual Studio or from the Azure portal.
The App Service isn't configured for web sockets. Go to the Azure portal, navigate to your App Service, open the Settings > Application settings blade, turn General settings > Web sockets to On, and select Save. (Note that the Debugging options shown on this blade do not apply to Python debugging.)
web.debug.config was modified to disable the debug proxy. Delete the file and republish the project to App Service, during which time Visual Studio recreates the file.

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