Install Python support in Visual Studio


Python support is presently available only on Visual Studio for Windows. On Mac and Linux, Python support is available through Visual Studio Code.

  1. Download and run the latest Visual Studio installer for Windows. Python support is present in release 15.2 and later. If you have Visual Studio installed already, open Visual Studio and run the installer by selecting Tools > Add Tools and Features.


    The Community edition is for individual developers, classroom learning, academic research, and open source development. For other uses, install Visual Studio Professional or Visual Studio Enterprise.

  2. The installer presents you with a list of workloads, which are groups of related options for specific development areas. For Python, select the Python development workload and select Install:

    Screenshot of the Python development workload selected in the Visual Studio installer.

  3. To quickly test Python support, launch Visual Studio, press Alt+I to open the Python Interactive window, and enter 2+2. If you don't see the output of 4, recheck your steps.

    Screenshot of testing Python through the interactive window.

    Screenshot of testing Python through the Visual Studio 2022 interactive window.

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