Overallocated subscriptions

Sometimes orders are changed after subscribers have been added, which can result in having more assigned subscriptions than licenses owned by your company. This is called "overallocation". When this happens, the Subscribers tab shows an alert and provides you with further information about how many subscriptions have been overallocated.


Overallocations are not allowed in Open License programs. Also, other programs may display this information in the portal differently.

Notice of Over-claimed Subscriptions

Resolve overallocated subscriptions

There are several ways to resolve overallocations:

  • Contact your reseller to purchase additional subscriptions.
  • Wait until your annual true-up period and pay for the overallocated subscriptions at that point.
  • Delete some subscription assignments. (This will not prevent the need for payment at the annual true-up as the true-up is based on the maximum number of subscriptions assigned at any time during the year.)

Billing and true-up

If your organization has an Enterprise Agreement (EA), admins are able to assign subscriptions without purchasing them, and pay for them later through a reconciliation process known as a "true-up". When you overallocate, your organization will be billed for the maximum number of subscriptions assigned to users during the "true-up". This is true even if you no longer have the maximum number of subscriptions assigned at the time the true-up takes place. To learn more about monitoring your maximum usage, visit the Maximum Usage topic.


If Visual Studio Subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise are assigned by Visual Studio subscription admins and there has never been a purchase of those subscriptions, they will not be visible to GitHub Enterprise admins within the organization. To ensure GitHub Enterprise subscriptions are visible, a purchase including at least one Visual Studio Professional with GitHub Enterprise or Visual Studio Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise subscription should be made the first time the subscriptions are assigned.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that for each GitHub subscription that is assigned there is a corresponding Visual Studio with GitHub subscription assigned in the Manage portal to remain in compliance with the licensing requirements for this subscription.

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