Search and filter subscribers in Visual Studio subscriptions

The Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal allows you to find a specific subset of subscribers based on various criteria. You can filter the subscriber list by name, email address, subscription level, and other information.

To filter the subscriber list

  1. To search for a specific group of subscribers, select the Filter tab.

    Select Filter to search a subscriber list

  2. Enter the criteria you would like to use as the basis of your search, and then select Filter again.

    Use the available fields to filter the subscriber data

    Your subscriber list then matches the criteria that you chose. You can click on the headings of the filtered results to change the sort order for each field.


    The Name field is sorted by first name.

    Notice that the Filter icon is highlighted, indicating that a filter is applied. A Clear filter choice is also displayed. In this example, we filtered our list of subscribers to find those that had email addresses.

  3. To clear the filter and restore the unfiltered list, click the Clear filter tab at the top right.

    Clear the filter from the subscriber list

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