What happens when an admin removes my subscription?

If your Visual Studio subscription was assigned to you by an admin in your work or school organization, they may remove it at some point. Reasons may include changes to job roles or to your organization's purchase plans. This article will outline what you can expect if an admin removes your subscription.


If your admin removes your subscription, they may be planning to issue you a different subscription. If you receive a notification that your subscription has been removed, you may wish to reach out to your admin to see if another subscription is available. Visit the subscriber portal and click the Contact my admin button in the top right.

How do my benefits change?

The changes you'll see for a specific benefit depend on the benefit itself. We'll look at some examples, and discuss steps you need to take to make sure you have access to things like your Azure assets.

Visual Studio IDE

The license for the Visual Studio IDE is dependent on a subscription being assigned to you. If your subscription is removed, you will lose access to any version of the IDE provided in a paid subscription. If you still need Visual Studio, consider installing the free version - Visual Studio Code.

Individual Azure credits

When your subscription is removed, you'll no longer accrue individual Azure credits. The credits you already have accrued will remain available for 30 days. At that point, your assets will no longer be available.

To avoid losing your assets, please make sure to do one of the following if your subscription is removed:

  • Convert the subscription to pay-as-you-go. For details, visit our Azure DevTest Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions page. You will need to attach a payment instrument such as a credit card to this subscription.

  • Move your assets to another Azure subscription if one is available to you. For example, if you have an Azure subscription as part of a different Visual Studio subscription. Instructions for moving resources to a new subscription are included in Azure's documentation.


    It is important that you move your Azure assets to another Azure subscription or change the existing Azure subscription to pay-as-you-go to avoid loss of your existing Azure assets.

Software downloads and product keys

Access to software downloads and product keys from within the subscriptions portal will be lost.

Azure DevOps

Access to Azure DevOps requires a license and will be lost.

Other benefits

The effects of having a subscription removed will vary.

  • Benefits with a fixed length: Many of the benefits provided by our partners are offers that have a fixed length. If you have activated them prior to the removal of your subscription, many of them will be unaffected and will remain available to you until the end of their normal term. If you've been accessing those benefits through the subscriber portal, you'll need to access them directly on the partner site. For example, if you've activated a Pluralsight subscription a Visual Studio subscription, and your Visual Studio subscription is removed, you'll still have any remaining time on the training subscription but you'll need to sign in to Pluralsight's website directly.
  • Benefits that require authentication: If you're using a benefit that's authenticated every time you sign in to Visual Studio, those benefits will not be available if your subscription is removed.
  • Benefits not previously activated: Upon removal of your subscription, you will lose the ability to activate any additional benefits.

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