Overview of the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administrator Portal

The Visual Studio Subscriptions Admin Portal gives you the tools to manage your organization's subscriptions in one place.

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Important considerations

Keep these points in mind when you use the Visual Studio Subscriptions Admin Portal:

  • Visual Studio subscriptions are licensed per user. Each subscriber can use the software on as many computers as needed for development and testing.
  • Assign only one subscription level for each subscriber, corresponding to the Visual Studio subscription your organization purchased. If you have subscribers with more than one subscription level assigned to them, edit their settings so that they only have one.
  • A subscriber’s subscription level will need to be updated when the subscription is upgraded (after the purchase of a “step-up” license) or renewed at a lower level.
  • Do not share subscriptions between subscribers. Subscriptions must be assigned to named individuals. Assignment of subscriptions to teams is not permitted. You must assign a subscription to anyone who uses all or part of the subscription benefits (software for development and testing, Microsoft Azure, e-learning, etc.).

The Subscribers page

Once you’ve assigned subscriptions, the Manage subscribers tab provides detailed information about your subscribers, including:

  • The first and last name of each subscriber.
  • The email address for this user.
  • The subscription level that has been assigned to them.
  • The date that their subscription was assigned to them.
  • The expiration date for their subscription.
  • A reference field for additional notes.
  • An indication of whether subscriber downloads are enabled or disabled.
  • The country in which they are located.
  • Their language preference for the assignment communication email from the admin portal.
  • An optional field for a different email address used for communications than sign-in.

On the top left side of the page there are several icons you can select to reveal a subscription assignment overview, the agreement details and the maximum usage report.

To see additional information about the number of subscription licenses purchased, assigned, and still available in your organization for each agreement, click the top icon to enable the slide-out panel.

Visual Studio Subscriptions Admin Portal Subscribers Page

The Details page

For more information about the agreement you are viewing, select the second icon to see the Agreement Details tab. The slide-out panel shows the agreement status, purchase account, org details, super-admins and other pertinent information.

Visual Studio Subscriptions Admin Portal Details Page


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