Buy Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise cloud subscriptions

You can buy Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions from the Visual Studio Marketplace. These are called "cloud subscriptions".

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Before you start

  • To bill your purchases, you need an Azure subscription. You can sign up before your first purchase or during your first purchase in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Who can buy Visual Studio cloud subscriptions?

Anyone with owner or contributor access to the Azure subscription can purchase cloud subscriptions.

How to buy cloud subscriptions

  1. Sign in to the Visual Studio Marketplace > Subscriptions.

  2. Choose the subscription that you want to buy, for example:

    Buy a Visual Studio subscription

  3. Select the Azure subscription to use for billing. You can create a new Azure subscription if you don't have one.

    Select Azure subscription for billing

  4. Select the number of subscriptions to buy.

    Select number of subscriptions

    If you don't want subscriptions assigned to yourself, clear Assign this subscription to me.

  5. Confirm and finish your purchase. If you assigned a subscription to yourself, you can visit the Visual Studio subscriber portal to start downloading software and using other subscriber benefits.

Finish purchase successfully

Go to Visual Studio subscriber portal

If you purchased more than one subscription, proceed to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration portal to assign subscriptions to others.

Assign subscriptions to others

View subscriptions

Cancel renewals of cloud subscriptions you've purchased

  • To change the number of purchased subscriptions:

Change subscriptions

  • To cancel these subscriptions, reduce the number of subscriptions to zero (0). They won't renew at the start of the next billing period (the first of the next month for monthly cloud subscriptions; 12 months later for annual cloud subscriptions).

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